Failed legislative bills

or pending legislation related to license plates

period 1/1/1977 - 2/03/2021

Official, Boards/Commissions and Military

Veteran's may retain old plate as a memento

1/13/1987 (SB75)

single plate to former Senate President Pro Tempore, Rembert C. Dennis

12/13/1989 (HB3593)

Special-Purpose District Commissioners

12/13/1989 (HB3694), 2/9/1995 (HB3569), 3/16/1999 (SB612)

Civil Air Patrol

1/8/1991 (SB21), 4/6/1993 (SB640), 4/9/1996 (SB1344)

General William C. Westmoreland

1/21/1992 (SB1173)

Selective Service Board

5/21/1992 (HB4297), 1/13/1994 (HB3098)

Pilotage Commission

5/3/1994 (SB1254); 3/25/1995 (SB288); 1/14/2003 (SB11)

regional Tourism Commissioners

1/19/1995 (HB3322)

Coast Guard Auxiliary

3/28/1995 (SB524)

Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities board members

4/22/1997 (HB4050)

Violence Prevention Authority

1/20/1999 (HB3309), 3/9/2000 (SB145), 2/1/2001 (HB3431)

GLEAMNS Human Resources

6/1/2006 (HB 4515), 4/25/2007 (HB3995)

Greenwood, Laurens, Edgefield, Aiken, McCormick, Newberry, Saluda Counties

Storm Eye Institute (directors and staff only)

4/28/2008 (SB773)

"Bronze Star with Valor"

1/28/2009 (SB338)

Iraq Veterans; Afghanistan Veterans

5/6/2015 (HB4136)

Bronze Star and Silver Star for motorcycles

2/3/2016 (SB1057)

Hearing Impaired

1/10/2017 (SB195), 2/26/2019 (SB557)

Persian Gulf War Veteran

3/6/2018 (HB4710)

Air Medal Combat Veteran

9/24/2020 (SB163), 1/30/2019 (HB3593), 1/26/2021 (HB3147) ***PENDING: Current Session***

Medal of Honor, Branch specific; Distinguished Service Cross, Branch specific; SC Medal of Valor; Soldier's Medal; Legion of Merit; Normandy Invasion Veteran; Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm; Operation Iraqi Freedom; Operation Enduring Freedom; Air Medal; Blue Star Family (public); Veterans of Foreign Wars (public); American Legion (public); Marine Corps League (existing plate>make public); Chief Petty Officer (existing plate>make public) [short title: "various military types"]

3/11/2020 (HB5261), 2/3/2021 (HB3095) ***PENDING: Current Session***, 1/12/2021 (HB3040) ***PENDING: Current Session***

alter Sons of Confederate Veterans to remove logo

1/12/2021 (HB3091) ***PENDING: Current Session***

Standard Plates

slogan on standard plates "Nothing Could Be Finer"

2/5/1985 (HB2322) [this would become the slogan on Personalized in 1991]

front and rear (pairs)

12/6/1976 (HB2013), 3/8/1977 (HB2599), 5/8/1985 (SB623), 1/12/1988 (HB3301), 2/23/1989 (SB433), 3/3/1993 (HB3602)

American Red Cross owned-vehicles

5/5/1988 (SB1494)

require Legislative approval of design

2/27/1990 (HB4739)

require County names

12/13/1989 (HB3513), 3/22/1994 (HB4317)

slogan on standard plates "The Motor State"

4/1/1997 (HB3796)


High School or College/University booster clubs

5/17/1983 (SB153)

county or region specific

4/28/1994 (SB649)

out-of-state Colleges and Universities

4/28/1994 (SB855), 2/8/1995 (SB473), 5/20/1999 (SB846), *superseded by non-profit organization provision

Organ Transplant recipients

1/9/1996 (SB965 and HB4314), 3/6/1996 (SB1227)

Girl Scouts

1/10/1996 (SB999), 1/23/1996 (HB4481)

Coastal Improvement Fund

3/13/1996 (SB1249)

Lake Murray

3/4/1997 (HB3589)

Animal Abuse Prevention

3/22/2001 (HB3782)

Sertoma International

6/7/2001 (HB3920)

"Project Pet"

1/15/2002 (SB743), [later became "No More Homeless Pets"]

Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Fund

3/5/2002 (HB1088), 4/2/2003 (SB545)

Law Enforcement Supporter

4/2/2003 (SB551)

Harley Davidson Owners

4/16/2003 (SB623)

Choose Death; "Choose Life"/"Choose Abortion"; "Choose Life" and "Pro Choice"

1/14/2003 (HB3285), 1/26/2005 (SB350), 1/26/2005 (HB3382), 1/25/2005 (SB329)

"School Choice - The Right Choice"

1/25/2005 (SB330)

State Museum

1/30/2008 (HB4610)

Delta Waterfowl

4/29/2015 (HB3549)

NFL teams

5/6/2015 (HB4137), 1/10/2017 (HB3267)

Motorcycle Awareness

1/27/2016 (SB1031)

United States Submarine Veterans, Inc

2/2/2016 (HB4796)

Fallen Officer

1/14/2020 (HB4742)


County Sheriff and County Coroner

5/25/1999 (SB859), 1/10/2001 (SB109)

County Coroner, County Auditor and County Treasurer

6/1/1999 (HB4202)


School Bus not to contain more than 3 characters

1/21/1982 (HB3443), 4/5/1983 (HB2803), 3/24/1987 (HB2506), 2/21/1989 (HB3308), 2/26/1991 (HB3454), 4/14/1993 (HB4096)

car rental companies

1/17/1989 (HB3231)

Repair Test-Driving

4/30/2008 (SB1344)

Medium Speed Vehicle

2/12/2009 (SB419)