Chartered Limousine

First Issue ?
"LS" prefix

only issued to Limousines for hire. I have seen them on airport shuttle vans and oddly, medical supply transport vans.

flat over approximately number 2000, change made in 2009.


Fleet Vehicle

First issued 2002?

"FV" prefix

black letters, white background

considered Permanent, or flat-fee based on number of units (i.e. No stickers used)
Series started at FV10001

Began to be issued flat, 3rd quarter of 2009, between FV22500 and FV23200

Low Speed Vehicle

First issued ????

"LV" prefix

black letters, white background

Government Low Speed Vehicle, see Government

first Fleet issued as PF prefix 1995-1996

Fleet plates to the left (permanent) introduced 1996 replacing PF plates