C prefix

C-code is used for official Boards and Commissions; judicial and public officials
(internal prefix code)                        (# of plates active October, 2011)
C64 Accountancy Board 7
C115 Administrative Law Judge 3
C144 Aeronautics Commission 4
C147 African American Heritage Commission 2
C150 Agency Head Salary Commission 2
C02 Agricultural Commission 21
C151 Aiken Technical College 1
C139 Appraisers Board 7
C03 Archives and History Commission 4
C04 Arts Commission 7
C92 Athletic Commission 4
C05 Auctioneer Commission 3
C68 Barrier Free Design Board 0
C75 Board of Architecture Examiners 4
C86 Board of Barber Examiners 1
C114 Board of Cosmetology 5
C71 Board of Dentistry 5
C07 Board of Education 5
C27 Board of Engineering Examiners 4
C140 Board of Long Term Health Care 0
C72 Board of Medical Examiners 11
C08 Board of Nursing 4
C09 Board of Pharmacy 3
C134 Board of Probation, Paroles, Pardons 6
C37 Board of Registration of Foresters 2
C82 Board of Veterinary Examiners 5
C11 Building Code Council 10
C168 Cemetery Board 1
C152 Central Carolina Technical College 0
C109 Childrens Foster Care Review 2
C94 Children's Trust Fund Trustee 0
C14 Chiropractic Examining Board 3
C136 Circuit Court Equity Division 15
C15 Circuit Solicitor 2
C149 Clarendon Hospital District Board of Trustees 5
C116 Clemson Board of Visitors 55
C93 Clemson Trustee Emeritus 4
C16 Clemson University Trustee 20
C96 Clerk of Court 22
C01 Coastal Carolina University Trustee 18
C137 Code Commissioner Emeritus 0
C141 Commission of Prosecution Coordinator 1
C33 Commission for Minority Affairs 2
C22 Commission on Consumer Affairs 0
C21 Commission on Higher Education 4
C35 Commission on Indigent Defense 0
C61 Commission on Women 2
C38 Commissioner National and Comm 4
C81 Conservation District Commission 131
C79 Consumer Credit Advisory Council 9
C108 Contractors Licensing Board 2
C130 Council on the Holocaust 6
C98 Crime Victims Advisory Board 10
C153 Denmark Technical College 0
C167 Department of Social Services Board 1
C17 DHEC OCRM Appellate Panel 0
C25 Election Commission 1
C26 Employment Security Commission 0
C105 Environmental Security Commission 0
C97 ETV Commission 5
C63 Examination Board of Counselors & Therapists 3
C28 Exchange Building Commission 3
C84 Family Court 20
C99 Federal Administrative Law Judge 6
C77 Financial Institutions Board 5
C111 First Steps Commission 0
C154 Florence-Darlington Technical College 6
C18 Forestry Commission 3
C10 Francis Marion University Trustee Emeritus 1
C124 Francis Marion University Trustee 14
C12 Geologists Registration Board 1
C45 Governors Cup Billfishing Series 4
C13 Governors Mansion Commission 0
C118 Governors School for Science and Math 2
C155 Greenville Technical College 0
C32 Health and Environmental Board 0
C91 Heritage Trust Advisory Board 2
C24 Historical Records Advisory Board 4
C156 Horry-Georgetown Technical College 5
C65 House Speaker 3
C52 Housing Finance Authority 0
C36 Human Affairs Commission 7
C106 Hunley Commission 2
C83 Jobs & Economic Development Authority 3
C135 John de la Howe School 7
C85 Joint Legislative Committee on Aging 0
C74 Juvenile Parole Board 2
C146 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board Member 5
C123 Lander University Trustee 5
C40 Legislative Audit Council 0
C41 Manufactured Housing Board 3
C34 Marine Advisory Committee 11
C89 Massage Body Work Therapy Panel 0
C42 Medical University 15
C138 Mental Health Commission Emeritus 1
C43 Mental Health Commission 3
C157 Midlands Technical College 4
C87 Migratory Waterfowl Committee 4
C80 Motor Vehicle Management Council 0
C119 Municipal Court 10
C122 MUSC Trustee Emeritus 5
C67 Museum Commission 6
C58 Natural Resources Board 5
C163 North Eastern Technical College 0
C117 Optometry Board 1
C164 Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College 0
C148 Palmetto Unified School District Board of Trustees 3
C158 Piedmont Technical College 3
C47 Podiatry Board 3
C70 Policy Planning and Coordination 7
C48 Ports Authority 5
C131 Prisoner of War Commission 5
C110 Probate Judge 16
C90 Procurement Review Panel 3
C50 Public Service Commission 5
C107 Pyrotechnic Safety Board 2
C60 Real Estate Commission 7
C76 Register of Deeds 5
C95 Register of Mesne Conveyance 1
C51 Residential Home Builders Commission 9
C126 Richland-Lexington Airport Commission 8
C101 Rural Water 13
C132 Saltwater Recreational Fishing Advisory Commission 7
C73 Santee Cooper Board 3
C100 SC Commission for the Blind 1
C44 SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs 3
C39 SC DNR Land Resources Advisory Board 7
C128 SC DNR Law Enforcement Advisory Board 12
C20 SC Department of Transportation Chief Commissioner 0
C19 SC Department of Transportation Commissioner 12
C57 SC Education Lottery Commission 5
C142 SC Mining Council
C145 SC Retirement Investment Commission 5
C62 SC State Board of Funeral Service 5
C69 SC State Library Board 2
C88 SC State University Trustee Emeritus 3
C49 SC State University Trustee 1
C46 Scenic Highways Committee 4
C113 School Board Member 17
C103 School for Deaf and Blind Board 3
C159 Spartanburg Community College 1
C53 State Board for Technical College System 6
C104 State Ethics Commission 4
C121 Summary Court Judge 149
C160 Technical College of the Low Country 3
C102 Textile Industry Study Commission 2
C06 The Citadel Board of Visitors Emeritus 1
C54 The Citadel Board of Visitors 8
C120 Tourism and Trade Committee 4
C78 Transportation Infrastructure 2
C161 Tri-County Technical College 2
C162 Trident Technical College 4
C127 Trustee College of Charleston 11
C129 Trustee Emeritus College of Charleston 3
C55 University of South Carolina Board of Trustees 17
C56 Vocational Rehabilitation Board 3
C31 Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School 8
C23 Wildlife and Fisheries Advisory Board 12
C165 Williamsburg Technical College 0
C59 Winthrop University Trustee 11
C112 Workers Compensation Commission 4
C125 Workforce Investment Board 4
C166 York Technical College 0