First Year of issue ????

1984 blue/white MFR/REPO vertically on left, TRANSPORTER top
1985 red/white MFR/REPO vertically on left
1986 ???/white MFR/REPO vertically on left
1987 black/white MFR/REPO vertically on left
1988 blue/white MFR/REPO vertically on left
1989-1990 red/white "MR" prefix with stickers, marked "M/R DEALER" bottom
1989 white/blue sticker
1990 white/red sticker
1991-present* - renewed with passenger stickers (1991 red/white sticker)
* unsure if this type used special "dealer" stickers 2002-2008


Manufacturer (MA prefix) 1994

1994-2016 - used large year stickers (see 'Sample' or 'Boards & Commissions' sections)
2017-current - uses standard passenger sticker

created by Legislature 6/2/94 (HB4820)

embossed serial 1994-c.2010
flat/screenprinted serial c.2010-present