North Carolina 1980


Year-of-Manufacture information   (YOM registration procedure)
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Starting in 1975, passenger cars received "First In Freedom" with 3-letter/3-number format and received renewal stickers. "First In Freedom" was dropped in 1978, but numbering system continued in alphabetical order. Date of issue began being stamped on the plate in 1980.
Truck plates continued to be replaced annually. Numbering format was 2-letter/4-number. All of these have the date of issue stamped in the plate.
Any of these can be legally run as YOM whether it is a car or truck as long as the title of the vehicle matches the year displayed on the plate

1980 NC  CPN-113    $15
  bend vertically down center

1980 NC  TFR-623    $20
1980 NC  TNA-572    $20

1980 NC  TXA-431    $20

1980 NC  TYY-114    $20

1980 NC  WDY-479    $25

1980 NC  WHD-688    $25
1980 NC  WTM-272    $25
1980 NC  WZY-702    $25

1980 NC  XAB-763    $20


1980 NC  AA-4687    $12
1980 NC  BJ-2692    $25


1980 NC  FE-2861 (Farm)    $30
1980 NC  FM-9697 (Farm)    $30