Themed license plate colors of the US

Some states had many years of 'traditional' colors, such as Kentucky (blue/white), West Virginia (blue/yellow), Wyoming (brown/yellow) that happen to represent the main University of the state (or vice-versa).

  1964 white/red Univ. of Alabama
  1965 orange/blue Auburn Univ.
  1968 white/red Univ. of Alabama (coincidence?)

  1928 yellow/blue Univ. of California (60th Anniversary)
  1939 yellow/blue World's Fair
  blue & yellow are traditional state colors; all Univ. of California branches have some combination of blue & yellow -Jeff Minard

  1964 blue/orange Univ. of Florida
  1965 gold/red Florida State Univ.

  1982 red,black/white (non-pass only) Univ. of Georgia (1980 Football Championship)

  1952 blue/orange Univ. of Illinois (1951 Football Championship)
  1955 orange/blue Univ. of Illinois
  1956 green/lt.grey Illinois Wesleyan Univ.
  1957 white/red Illinois State Univ.
  1958 purple/white Northwestern Univ.
  1959 white/brown Quincy College
  1960 gold/blue Augustana College; Wheaton College
  1961 white/red North Central College
  1964 white/purple Northwestern Univ.
  1963 yellow/green John Deere Company (125th Anniversary)
  1964 white/purple McKendee College; Rockford College
  1965 green/white in honor of Secretary of State Charles Carpentier, who died in office the previous year.
  1969 blue/orange Univ. of Illinois
  1975 black/yellow Caterpillar Tractor Co.

  1936 white/maroon Indiana Univ.
  1937 yellow/black Purdue Univ.
  1938 maroon/white Indiana Univ.
  1939 blue/yellow Notre Dame Univ.
  1941 white/blue Butler Univ.
  1942 blue/yellow Notre Dame Univ.
  1946 yellow/black Purdue Univ.
  1947 blue/yellow Notre Dame Univ.
  1948 white/blue Butler Univ.
  1949 white/red Indiana Univ.
  1950 yellow/black Purdue Univ.
  1954 white/maroon Indiana Univ.
  1956-1959 alternating blue/yellow each year Notre Dame Univ.
  1960 white/blue Butler Univ.
  1961 white/maroon Indiana Univ.
  1962 yellow/black Purdue Univ.
  1963 yellow/blue Notre Dame Univ.
  1964 white/maroon Indiana Univ.

  1953-2002 all variants of blue & white

  1935 yellow/purple Louisiana State Univ.
  1936 Tulane Univ.
  1957 yellow/purple Louisiana State Univ.
  1960 yellow/purple Louisiana State Univ. (University Centennial)

  1954 yellow/blue Univ. of Michigan
  1955 white/green Michigan State Univ.
  1965 yellow/blue Univ. of Michigan
  1967 yellow/blue Univ. of Michigan (University Sesquicentennial)
  1970 white/light gold Oakland Univ.

  1932 yellow/maroon Univ. of Minnesota
  1935 yellow/maroon Univ. of Minnesota
  1955 yellow/maroon Univ. of Minnesota

  1930 red/blue University of Mississippi
  1953 white/maroon Mississippi State University

  1953 copper/green Kennecott Copper Corp., Nevada's largest employer

New Jersey:
   1910 black/orange Princeton University
   1911 red/white Rutgers University

New York:
  blue and gold are official state colors (State Flag) and traditionally used on plates, though usually interpreted as yellow or orange

North Carolina:
  1951 red/white North Carolina State Univ.
  1952 white/red North Carolina State Univ.
  The governor at the time, W. Kerr Scott (D) from Jan 6, 1949 – Jan 8, 1953 was a graduate from NCSU and wanted those two years to be his alma mater’s colors.  -Kenny O'Dell

  1959 red/white Miami Univ. (50th Anniversary)
  1960 blue/gold Kent State Univ. (50th Anniversary)
  1970 scarlet/grey Ohio State Univ. (100th Anniversary)

  1956 yellow/blue State Flag colors - traditional

  1951 white/orange Univ. of Tennessee (1950 National Championship)
  1954 yellow/black Vanderbilt Univ. (coincidence?)

  1936 orange/blue Univ. of Virginia
  1953 orange/blue Univ. of Virginia

  1939 gold/green Golden Jubilee (50th Anniversary of statehood)
  green is the State Flag primary color, used on many years of plates 1921-1925

West Virginia:
  1957 yellow/blue West Virginia Univ.
  1963-1971 base: alternating yellow/blue & blue/yellow West Virginia Univ.

  1937 yellow/brown Univ. of Wyoming
  1948 brown/yellow Univ. of Wyoming
  1968 yellow/brown Univ. of Wyoming
  1972 brown/yellow Univ. of Wyoming
  1974 yellow/brown Univ. of Wyoming
  1978 base brown,yellow/white Univ. of Wyoming
  1983 base brown/yellow Univ. of Wyoming